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YMCA and Eagleson Hall

In the 1923-1924 Annual Report of the University of Washington Young Men's Christian Association, Neville Goff, President, wrote, "The home of the Association has been at different times in the men's dormitory, Arctic Brotherhood Building, Bookstore Building and the New Educational Building. In 1919 a definite attempt to obtain a permanent home was begun. …the building was begun in 1922 and completed in the spring of 1923. The building has been named "Eagleson Hall" in honor of James M. Eagleson.

James M. Eagleson was the son of pioneering Seattle physician, Dr. James B. Eagleson. Father and son, patriotic, deeply religious, and committed to the YMCA values, both served in Europe during WWI. Dr. Eagleson was head of Base Hospital 50, and James M. 'Junior' was a soldier. They returned from Europe on separate ships. James M. contracted influenza and died a few days after arriving in Virginia. Dr. Eagleson arrived in New York. Having heard of his son's illness during the crossing, he immediately went to his son's side, spending a couple days together before James M. succumbed to his illness.

Eagleson Hall was named to honor the memory of James M. Eagleson as a soldier and for his community service. The YMCA led an aggressive campaign, beginning in 1919, to fund and build Eagleson Hall. The dedication was held June 10, 1923, as part of the University of Washington commencement ceremonies.