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Community and Culture

Community & Culture

Cultural Awareness

Imagine for a moment that you were submerged into a society where no one spoke your native language. In this new community you were constantly teased, harassed, and tomented because of your cultural background. The community ends up changing you to abide - you lose your culture, heritage and perhaps your identity.



This lavish celebration honoring a Mexican girl's 15th birthday is an important cultural and social tradition. Here we present two experiences of this event in the girls' own words along with photographs from a few ceremonies.


Doña Manuela

Manuela Velasquez of Forks knows what it feels like to be isolated by location, language and culture. She came to Forks from Mexico 23 years ago. She has since become a community leader, lending her assistance to anyone in need.


Guatemalan Immigrants

Interviews with Non Timber Forest Workers originally from Guatemala. Interviews are excerpted from "Voices From the Woods: Lives and Experiences of Non-Timber Forest Workers".


Cinco de Mayo

Every Spring we see references to the Cinco de Mayo. However, many of us have only the vaguest idea of the meaning of this holiday or the reason Mexican people feel such pride in its observance. Find out what the celebration is actually about.


Traditional Music and Dances

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18 Phrases

View several common phrases written in Spanish and 3 indigenous languages from Central America: Qanjobal, Mam and Mizteco.


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