Tacoma Community History Project

The Collection


Student Involvement

Under the guidance of Professor Michael Honey and the other instructors, students choose topics of interest to them, reach out to community members, perform intensive research into primary and secondary sources, conduct and record interviews, and transcribe their interviews. Once a project is completed, the students then compile and organize these components and donate a copy to the Library. The collection reflects studentsí interests, varying levels of research skills, and their individual approaches to Tacoma history.

While digitizing these projects for online access, we contacted and received permission from as many former students as we could locate. We thank these individuals for allowing us to put these projects online. If you created a project and have any questions about online access to it, please contact Justin Wadland, Head of Media and Digital Collections at the UW Tacoma Library, via jwadland@uw.edu.

Students from UW Tacoma and the UW Information School were also directly involved in making this collection available online via Digital Collections. Funding from the Friends of the UW Libraries and the Puyallup Tribe allowed us to hire student workers who assisted with contacting project participants, digitizing the projects, creating the metadata, and developing the website.

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