Tacoma Community History Project

The Collection



Oral Histories

This database draws upon the work of students enrolled in the undergraduate “Doing Community History” course and the graduate “History and Memory” course at the University of Washington Tacoma, both taught by Professor Michael Honey in the Interdisciplinary Arts and Science Program since 1990. The collection greatly benefited from the generosity of the students who created the oral history projects and the community members who shared their time and stories during the interview process.

Digitization and Database Development

Justin Wadland, Head, Media and Visual Resources at the UW Tacoma Library led the effort to digitize the Tacoma Community History Project oral histories and make them available online via UW Libraries Digital Collections. If you have any questions about about the database, please contact him at the jwadland@uw.edu. Graduate students Alison Lane and Hilary Robbeloth, and undergraduate student Charles McDowell ably assisted him. The project also benefited from the expertise and contributions of the UW Libraries Digital Initiatives and Metadata Implementation Group in the development of the website and data dictionary of the collection.


Online access to the projects was made possible by grants from the Puyallup Tribe of Indians and the Friends of the UW Libraries.

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