Mountains and Mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest


About the Mountains and Mountaineering Portal

This portal for the digital collections about Mountains and Mountaineering was completed in 2013. Materials from the Special Collections Division of the University of Washington Libraries were selected and digitized in 2012-2013 for the purpose of inclusion in this site.

These materials were selected from the following collections:

  • the Lloyd Anderson papers (Accession 2648-001),
  • Wolf Bauer papers (Accession 1669-002) ,
  • Asahel Curtis papers (Accession 4058-004),
  • Everett Darr papers (Accession 2144-001),
  • Charles and Marion Hessey Films (PH Coll 1050),
  • Thomas E. Jessett papers (1832-019),
  • Victor Josendal papers (Accession 4263-001),
  • Edmond Meany papers (Accession 0106-1),
  • Harry M. Myers papers (Accession 0100-001),
  • Dee Molenaar papers (Accession 4578-001),
  • Mountain Rescue Association papers (Accession 5559-001),
  • Mountaineers Films (PH Coll 1047),
  • Mountaineers Photograph Album Collection (PH Coll 341),
  • Mountaineers Society Presidents records (Accession 2987-006,7),
  • Mountaineers Society records (Accession 1984-013),
  • Mountaineers Summit Registers (Accession 2013-009),
  • Recreational Equipment Inc. records (Accession 3129-001 & 002),
  • Everett Smith papers (Accession 2829-001),
  • Bob and Ira Spring Films (PH Coll 1048),
  • William F. Tolmie papers (Accession 4577-001),
  • Hermann F. Ulrichs papers (Accession 2138-001),
  • Philemon Van Trump papers (Accession 499-001),
  • Arthur C. Warner papers (Accession 377-001),
  • Dwight Watson papers (Accession 2170-001) and films (PH Coll 1049),
  • Oral History Interviews of The Mountaineers History Committee (Accession 5038-001, 2, 3, 4).

Additional materials were drawn from pre-existing digital collections the Pamphlets and Textual Documents Collection, Portraits Database, Rainier National Park Mountain-Glacier Wonderland Photograph Album, Society and Culture Collection, and the Washington State Localities Photographs, Arthur Churchill Warner Photographs of Washington State and Alaska, Dwight Watson Photographs of Washington State and the Lawrence Denny Lindsley Photographs of Washington State collection.

The work for this portal was funded by a Friends of the Libraries grant awarded in 2011. The work of selection and digitization, as well as the production of the content available on this portal, was primarily completed by Digital Projects Coordinator for Special Collections, Kris Kinsey, staff of the Digital Initiatives program, and with special assistance of Jade D'Addario, Lauren Work and Sheila M Mitchell.

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