Professional Staff

Executive Directors/CEOs

  • Art Farber 1956-1961
  • Sol Frankel 1961-1967
  • Bernie Rakow 1967-1969
  • Josh Gortler 1969-2006
  • Jeff Cohen 2006-present

Betty Finocchio

Betty Finocchio served as the longtime Director of Nursing at the Kline Galland Home, which she joined in 1973. Betty was one of the military nurses who was among those who liberated two concentration camps in Europe. Betty had an unbelievable approach to initiating creative nursing services for the aged. She was considered to be the top geriatric nurse in the Pacific Northwest. In addition, Betty served as an Assistant Professor of Nursing at UW. In July of 1980, she was featured in Kline Gallad's Chai Lites newsletter for her new roles with the American and King County Nurses Association.

“On the national level, she has been elected vice-chairperson of the American Nurses Association National Council for nursing home nurses. She was also elected first vice president of the King County Nurses Association.”

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Hilda Reed

As the Director of Food Services, Hilda Reed created magic for the residents at the Kline Galland Home. From a weekly ice cream parlor with surprise flavors, sack lunches for day-outings, hot meals for elders in their own residence, to catering parties and fundraisers, Reed did it all. She made a salad bar available at every dinner, and she baked cookies for the smallest gathering. Hilda was born in Germany and married a GI, immigrated to Seattle and spent her entire career at KG. She was a positive force in the senior management team.

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Margaret Read

Margaret Read joined the KGH team in 1971 as Director of Social Service. A clinical social worker, she had extensive experience in hospitals and in clinical services in the Chicago area. Margaret initiated a team approach to geriatric care, which included psycho-social and supportive services to residents and families.

Dan Ozog

Dan Ozog at New Year's Eve Ball (From 2007 Chai Lites Newsletter)

Dan Ozog

“For 30 years, Dan has worked tirelessly to ensure that the mission of Caroline Kline Galland continues: Promoting the highest quality of life by providing a continuum of exceptional care and services for the elderly in a Jewish environment.”

“It is Dan’s unfailing generosity of spirit for which he is best known. No matter how busy and harried, he always has time for a resident or their family.”

Dan joined KGH in 1976, after a one-year clinical rotation at Kline Galland, from the School of Social Work at UW. His second clinical experience was at Mount St. Vincent Catholic long-term care facility. Prior to his social work schooling, Dan spent several years in a Catholic seminary to become a priest. Dan was given the opportunity to join Kline Galland Home, a Jewish facility, or Mount St. Vincent, a Catholic facility. Dan has chosen the Jewish home.

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Lucy Almeleh Spring

Before Kline Galland, Lucy was well known in the Jewish community as Temple De Hirsch’s music coordinator. Because the junior choir, which she directed, often sang for the residents of the Kline Galland Home, Lucy became acquainted with the people and staff. After volunteering for many years, she was hired as the Director of Volunteers, Community Relations, Activities, and Religious Programming at the end of 1983 and continued in that role for 30 years. Chai Lites featured Lucy a few times, especially when she was officially hired, and when she won an award.

Jan. 1984: "A Warm Welcome Aboard…. The Kline Galland Activities staff to Lucille Almeleh Spring, better known as ‘Lucy’ to all of us! For years residents have enjoyed Lucy’s warmth and talent as she entertained here at the home, and now we are fortunate to have her on staff. Lucy will work part-time and we are all looking forward to her eager participation with the residents"
May 2005: "March 15th, Lucy won the ‘Shirley Bridge Power of One Award’ during the Women’s Endowment Foundation Annual Luncheon."

Josh Gortler

Josh Gortler turned the Kline Galland Home into what it is today: one of the best nursing homes in the United States. Much of his success came from his talent for bringing out the full potential of everyone he worked with. From the board to his employees, Gortler not only implemented a more efficient organization, but also showed the Jewish community just how important the Kline Galland is as a Seattle Jewish institution. His over 30 year contribution as Executive Director includes an expansion of the home from 75 beds to over 200, as well as the erection of a completely new building, The Summit on First Hill, which provides assisted living to the elderly.

Josh H. Gortler papers, 1923-2017

Photographs from Josh Gortler's scrapbook

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