Leadership and Community

Video: Kline Galland's Commitment to the Community


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Past Presidents

Henry Pickard 1918-1919
Emanuel Rosenberg 1919-1920
Isaac Cooper 1920-1922
Alfred Shemanski 1922-1925
Fred V. Fisher 1925-1927
Victor Staadecker 1927-1928
Otto Guthman 1928-1930
Hugo Loewy 1930-1932
Jacob R. Hiller 1932-1933
Emanuel Rosenberg 1933-1934
Melville Monheimer 1934-1937
Richard E. Lang 1937-1940
Morton L. Schwabacher 1940-1941
Max A. Silver 1941-1942
Lester Stusser 1942-1943
Roy G. Rosenthal 1943-1944
Louis Friedlander 1944-1945
Charles Horowitz 1945-1947
Edward Stern 1947-1948
Alfred Shyman 1948-1949
Leo Weisfield 1949-1950
Sol G. Levy 1950-1952
Joel Staadecker 1952-1953
Normal Clein 1953-1954
Jules Glant 1954-1955
Herman Keisler 1955-1956
Edward Starin 1956-1957
John Friedlander 1957-1958
Sanford Bernbaum 1958-1959
George Mosler 1959-1961
Edward Starin 1961-1966
Myron Spring 1966-1969
Henry Wolf 1969-1974
Robert L. Block 1974-1977
Paul Jassny 1977-1980
Barry Schneiderman 1980-1983
Arva Gray 1983-1986
Harold Seligmann 1986-1989
Michael Cohen 1989-1992
Richard Quint 1992-1995
Arthur Siegal 1995-1997
Thomas Leavitt 1997-2000
David Benoliel 2000-2003
Jeanie Alhadeff 2003-2004
David Benoliel 2005-2006
Alvin Martin 2007-2008
Douglas Rosen 2009-2010
Michael Morgan 2011-2012
Mark Kane 2012-2014
Allan Steinman 2015-2016
Brian Quint 2017-2018

Photographs of presidents will be available on the WSJHS Digital Museum site.

Board of Directors

The board of directors started with only four people: The president and secretary of Temple De Hirsch Sinai, and the president and secretary of the Ladies Benevolent Society. A similar structure remains today, with an expanded committee of 15 people in 1967 to include representation from all local synagogues. When the Kline Galland Home became a nonprofit in 1975, the board came to include 27 members, now elected from the community instead of appointed by synagogues. The board has been instrumental in pushing the Kline Galland Home forward. From securing land and donations, to involving the entirety of the Jewish community, the board has always been at the forefront of Jewish leadership in Seattle.

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The Only Disagreement on the Board of Directors

Transcript and full 1985 interview recording from which the clip below was taken.

How The Board Of Directors Has Changed
Over The Years

Sol Esfeld

Sol Esfeld was one of the most successful fundraisers on the board. During his tenure, he managed to secure $4.7 million in donations. Sol served on the board for many years, and although never held the role as president, he did serve as Executive Director from 1961-1967. He personally convinced Josh Gortler, the longest executive director Kline Galland has ever had, to move across the country and work for what was then a small home for the aged that only had the capacity for 75 residents.

Transcript and full interview from which the clips below were taken.

Video: Sol Esfeld's Work on Fundraising

Video: Advice Josh Gortler received from
Sol Esfeld

Transcripts and full interviews from which the clips below were taken.

Sol Esfeld on raising the money in 1961-1962 for the new Kline Galland Building

Sol Esfeld talks about building extension and rezoning

Sol Esfeld speaks about the rules for repayment and cost of care

Sol Esfeld gives Josh Gortler a compliment

Robert Block

Bob Block was one of those board members that made things happen. He spearheaded Kline Galland’s move to become a nonprofit by working fearlessly and tirelessly to gain separation from the Seattle Trust and Savings Bank. He was able to get the trustee at the Seattle Trust and Savings Bank to sell all tangible personal property to the Kline Galland Corporation for a total of $1. Further, the lease agreement would last 99 years.

Transcripts and full interviews from which the excerpts below were taken.

Bob Block's Story On How He Was Able To Separate
Kline Galland From The Trust

Bob Block Speaks About Sol Esfeld As His Mentor

Arva Gray

Arva Gray was the first woman to serve as president of the Board of Directors. Her position placed Kline Galland as a diverse institution far ahead of most other organizations in the 1980s. Gray's commitment of over 55 years to Kline Galland left a lasting impression on how women in leadership positions can provide a different, vital perspective to powerful organizations. Upon her death in 2010, the Arva Gray Scholarship Fund was created in her honor.

Mike Cohen

Mike Cohen has served on the Board of Directors for over 30 years, providing expertise in law, as well as the perspective of a person native to Seattle. Cohen served as president of the board from 1989 to 1992 and continues to contribute as a senior member to this day. Mike's commitment to preserving the history and culture of Kline Galland remains apparent in his advocacy for the Kline Galland community.


Most volunteers for the Kline Galland Home originally came from women’s philanthropy organizations such as the Golden Age Club and the National Council of Jewish Women. While volunteers started out as mostly married women, that demographic has shifted towards retirees and school-groups. Much of the volunteering consisted of conducting art classes, keeping residents company, assisting in the occupational needs of residents, and providing religious services.

The Golden Age Club most commonly taught painting classes and took residents out for day-trips. For religious services, especially High Holy Day services, different rabbis and religious scholars, such as Rabbi Samuel Grandenz and Jacob Lagawier, would lead services and read the megillah on Purim, respectively. Additionally, a reform as well as orthodox Shabbat service would be offered on Friday nights.