Robinson Family Ranch Eastern Stars Ball Captain Kinkey at the helm Robinson Family Ranch Eastern Stars Ball Captain Kinkey at the helm
KCsnapshots Sample Collection Images
KCsnapshots Sample Collection Images  


Search by Keyword

To quickly search across all of King County Snapshots, type a keyword or keywords into the box provided to the left, under "Search across collections."

If you put the words in quotation marks, they will be treated as a phrase; if you do not, the resulting records will include all of those containing both words, whether or not they appear as a phrase.

For example, if you're looking for images of the Seattle Indians baseball team, type "seattle indians"—with the quotation marks—in the Keyword Search box. Without the use of quotation marks, your results set will also include pictures of Chief Seattle.

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Search by Organization

To see all of the images contributed by a participating organization, choose the organization's name from the list provided. Once on an individual organization's page, you may search by keyword, browse the entire collection, or perform an advanced search using selected fields.

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Search by Topic

A great many topics are contained within this Web site. This dropdown list contains just a few that have appeared in various collections. If you choose to Search by organization, you may find other topic lists relevant to individual collections.

Select a topic category in the left-hand box, then select a subcategory in the right-hand box and click Go to view images relating to it. Have fun exploring!

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View Search Results

The results of your search will appear as small images with titles. Up to 12 images at a time may appear in the display. The total number of hits is listed underneath the image set. Your results may spread over several pages; click Next or a page number to move on to another page of choices.

Result sets are organized in alphabetical order by the image's title.

To view an image and its associated information, or metadata, click on the small thumbnail image of your choice.

Searchable items in the metadata are displayed in blue text representing hyperlinks. Clicking on a blue word will initiate a new search retrieving items in that database using that word in their metadata.

Clicking Return to Search Results from a metadata record will bring you back to the page with the thumbnail images.

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My Favorites

My Favorites offers users a way to bookmark their findings for easy access.

The My Favorites feature requires cookies. If your Web browser does not allow cookies to be saved on your computer, you may not be able to use My Favorites without changing your Web browser's privacy settings.

Once you have opened a thumbnail image, and decided you wish to save and refer back to it later, click Add to My Favorites at the bottom of the page.

To view Favorites, choose View My Favorites at the bottom of metadata record.

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