Hospital Worker with Newborn Skate King Vehicle in Columbia City Days Parade Whaleboat near Richmond Beach Hospital Worker with Newborn Skate King Vehicle in Columbia City Days Parade Whaleboat near Richmond Beach
KCsnapshots Sample Collection Images
KCsnapshots Sample Collection Images  


A number of people contributed to this collaborative endeavor. Thanks to all for their tireless dedication over the nearly three years from the writing of the grant through the conclusion of the project. While some are no longer working with a partner organization, we acknowledge all for their contributions.


This project was supported by a National Leadership grant for Library and Museum Collaboration by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Special thanks to Program Officers Jeanne McConnell and Susan Malbin and to Karen Motylewski, Research Officer.

Project staff

The grant funded the work of Project Manager Rachel Howard and Metadata Specialists Theo Gerontakos and Julie Kerssen.

Lead partners

The Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) and University of Washington Libraries (UW) contributed to the writing and publicizing of the grant. Staff experts helped out with evaluation, workshops, sustainability planning, and other inquiries great and small, as well as selecting and assisting in the cataloging of over 4,000 images apiece.

MOHAI housed the project staff, and its fiscal team managed the grant funding. While every staff member intersected with the project at some point, the following legion of staff members and volunteers (past and present) made particular contributions of their time and talents.


Mary Montgomery, Co-Principal Investigator and Manager of Collections and Library
Carolyn Marr, Project Lead and Librarian
Howard Giske, Project Lead and Curator of Photography
Leonard Garfield, Executive Director
Feliks Banel, Deputy Director, External Affairs
Julianne Baron, Graphic Designer
Debra Benn, Event Coordinator
Kathleen Crowell, Annual Fund Coordinator
John George, Development Coordinator
Mike Griggs, Chief Financial Officer
Matthew Houle, Registrar and Information Technology Specialist
Kathleen Knies, Photographer
Karen Holt Luetjen, former Deputy Director for Museum Resources
Lorraine McConaghy, Historian
Amanda McGarty, Education Coordinator
Karen Pierson, Accounting Assistant


Emily Axinte
Clara Berg
Donna Cook
Natasha George
Hollye Gunter
Marin Henkels
Robin B. James
Claudia Kertzer
Heidi Lindborg
Dale Martin
Leila Martin
Melissa Riesland
Stephanie Schmidt
Stephen Wilen

UW Libraries supported the technology and metadata standards of the project, crossing boundaries within the university community to provide services to the project partners. Special thanks to the following teams and individuals:

Digital Initiatives

Kody Janney, Co-Principal Investigator and Head (through February 2003); Volunteer (since March 2003)
Ann Lally, Co-Principal Investigator and Head (since March 2003)
Anne Graham, User Support Specialist and Senior Computer Specialist
Angela Rosette-Tavares, Web Designer and Developer
Eileen Llona, International Studies Computer Services Librarian
Kathy Stice, Student Scanner
Aron Wolf, Student Scanner

Libraries, Administration

Betsy Wilson, Director
Joyce Ogburn, Associate Director
Phyllis E. Caswell, Manager for Personnel

Manuscripts, Special Collections, and University Archives (Special Collections)

Kris Kinsey, Project Lead, Metadata Implementation Group liaison, and Photographs and Graphics Specialist
Nicolette Bromberg, Photographs and Graphics Curator
Carla Rickerson, Head
Annalisa Steines, Student Scanner

Metadata Implementation Group (MIG)

Diana Brooking
Kathleen Forsyth
Heather Johnson
Joe Keigel
Laura Lins
Allen Maberry
Marsha Maguire
Stephanie Sheppard


Dana Bostrom, Information Products Licensing, Software & Copyright Ventures
Thom Deardorff, Coordinator for Access Services
Steve Hiller, Head, Science Libraries/Library Assessment Coordinator
William Jordan, Systems Support Librarian
Gary Menges, Former Preservation Administrator
Jeanette C. Mills, Director of Visual Services, School of Art
Jennifer Ward, Systems Librarian
Anne Zald, Information Literacy Coordinator

Association of King County Historical Organizations (AKCHO) Partners

Ten AKCHO member organizations participated in the project. Each group was responsible for selecting and assisting with the cataloging of images from its collections, for a total of approximately 4,000 images from the ten groups. Participants from the AKCHO groups, many of them volunteers, also attended workshops on image selection and copyright, working with metadata in CONTENTdm, and image sales and Web design; coordinated the project's goals with the goals of their organization; kept track of time spent working on the project; and helped publicize and plan for the project's sustainability. In alphabetical order by organization, the following individuals made this project possible:

Black Heritage Society

Rev. Phyllis R. Beaumonte, President
Jacqueline E.A. Lawson, Project Lead
Ruth Starke, Project Lead
Edith Gibson Giles
Eleanor C. Lewis Hill
Ethelmarie Hubbard
Vincent Hughes
Deeqa Proctor Kosar
Loretta McIver

Eastside Heritage Center

Peter V. Gulick, Project Lead
Eden Toner, Director
Mardy Call
Michole Christopher
Kathy Dennis
Phyllis Hill Fenwick
Diana Ford
Peggy Hansen
Katie Innes
Karen Klett
Mary Ellen Piro
Nancy Sanborn
Pat Sandbo
Virginia Thompson
Karl Thunemann
Heather Trescases
Libby Walgamott
Barb Williams
Beth Zeitlin

Maple Valley Historical Society

Barbara Nilson, Project Lead
Dick Peacock, President and Project Lead
Sherrie Acker
Lois Bartholomew
Lois Clapper

Northwest Railway Museum

Richard Anderson, Project Lead
Bob Ledingham
Richard Wilkins

Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

Gayle Rydberg, Project Lead
Jim Kelly
Phyllis Kelly
Steve Waszak

Rainier Valley Historical Society

Mikala Woodward, Project Lead
Buzz Anderson, President
Marina King

Renton Historical Museum

Steve Anderson, Project Lead
Louise George
Rosemary Greene
Stan Greene
Carol Hawkins
Tom Monahan
Jill Padca
Joe Padca
Peri Muhich
Shauna Straub
Bettyjane Tomkinson
Jeremy Webb

Shoreline Historical Museum

Victoria Stiles, Project Lead
Carol Healey
Mark Therien

White River Valley Museum

Tina Brewster-Wray, Project Lead (through June 2003)
Patricia Cosgrove, Director
Alyssa Morein, Project Lead (beginning August 2003)
Marissa Armstrong
Mike Brewster-Wray
Cathy Campbell
Lorin Catudio
Tom Chapman
Stan Flewelling
Mary Hipp
Vera Richards
Dave Sprau

Wing Luke Asian Museum

Bob Fisher, Project Lead
Cassie Chinn

Advisory Committee

A team of expert advisors met four times during the grant cycle and contributed ideas throughout:

David Buerge, Historian, Teacher, and Author
John Findlay, Ph.D., Professor of History, University of Washington
Leonard Garfield, Executive Director, Museum of History & Industry
Howard Giske, Curator of Photography, Museum of History & Industry
Bruce Hevly, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History, University of Washington
Bryce Nelson, Director of Instructional Technology, Seattle Public Schools
Charles Payton, Museum Advisor, Cultural Development Authority of King County
Rod Slemmons, Instructor, University of Washington School of Art and Graduate Museum Studies (through Summer 2002)
Gregory Zick, Ph.D., Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of Washington and Director, DiMeMa, Inc.


Conservation Imaging Systems of Seattle, led by Tom Martin, scanned images of a wide variety of sizes and materials from all twelve partners, both on and off their premises. Their staff for the project included:

Cary Cartmill
Benny Gage
Glenn Martin
Tom Martin


These subject experts helped identify and clarify photos for one or more of the project partners:

Steve Ellis
David S. Eskenazi
Jeff Obermeyer
Scott Rohrer
Vashon Maury Island Heritage Association


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