Bible & Other Religious Material

Sunday Picture Book; Scripture History

SUNDAY PICTURE BOOK; SCRIPTURE HISTORY. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, New York: Pott, Young, [1884?].
Relief illustrations, uncolored. Inscribed Ochiai Reimes, Kobe Sunday School, Christmas, 1884. Exhibit checklist 21.4 (View this item)

A New Hieroglyphical Bible

A NEW HIEROGLYPHICAL BIBLE. New York: Samuel Wood & Sons, 1818.
Woodcut illustrations, uncolored. This Bible is written as a rebus with pictures substituting for words throughout. The two frontispieces demonstrate pictorially the good and bad of the natural man and the Christian. Exhibit checklist 21.6 (View this item)

Hymns for Infant Minds

HYMNS FOR INFANT MINDS. By Ann Taylor and Jane Taylor. Boston: Lincoln & Edmands, 1825.
Chapbook with woodcut cover illustration, uncolored. Exhibit checklist 21.8 (View this item)

Noah's Ark Alphabet

NOAH'S ARK ALPHABET by Walter Crane. London: George Routledge & Sons, [1872].
Wood engraved illustration, color printed. Illustrations by Crane, printed by Edmund Evans in four colors: red, yellow, blue and flesh pink as well as the black key block as part of Aunt Mavor's Series, a six-penny Toy Book. The double spread center is the first ever created by Crane who used the device to great advantage in tales like "the Beauty and the Beast." Note the gold medallions, a technique which was extremely popular. Exhibit checklist 21.9 (View this item)

Dr. Watt's Plain and Easy Catechisms for Children

DR. WATTS'S PLAIN AND EASY CATECHISMS FOR CHILDREN. By Isaac Watts, Fredericksburg, VA: Wm. F. Gray, 1819.
Chapbook, un-illustrated. Exhibit checklist 21.10 (View this item)

Youth's Battledore

YOUTH'S BATTLEDORE. Alnwick: W. Davison, 1830.
Woodcut illustrations, uncolored. Quote, "Come, let us praise God, for he is great; let us bless God, for he is good." Exhibit checklist 21.11 (View this item)

Little People's Lesson Pictures

LITTLE PEOPLE'S LESSON PICTURES. Philadelphia and New York: The American Sunday-School Union, 1895-1901. Some cards printed by Providence Lith. Co.
Lithograph illustrations, color printed. Cards designed to teach the lessons of the Bible. Exhibit checklist 21.14 (View this item)

The Bible

THE BIBLE. Text by John Taylor. Philadelphia: Jacob Johnson & Co. for Sower and Jones, 1798.
Woodcut illustrations, uncolored. First published with the title VERBUM SEMPITERNUM [THE ETERNAL WORD]. This is the eighth edition thumb Bible dedicated to "His Excellency G. [George] Washington, President of the United States of America." Exhibit checklist 21.15 (View this item)

Berean Lesson Pictures

BEREAN LESSON PICTURES. New York: Eaton & Mains, 1899.
Relief illustrations, color printed. Cards issued quarterly at 10 cents a year or 1 - 1/2 cents quarterly. Exhibit checklist L.148 (View this item)

Divine Songs Attempted In Easy Languages for the Use of Children

Chapbook, un-illustrated except for woodcut portrait illustration on cover, uncolored. This chapbook is uncut but has a single stitch holding the book together. It is remarkable that it has survived so long without being opened. Part of the "Cheap Repository" series. Exhibit checklist L.151 (View this item)

Chatterbox Menagerie of Animals

CHATTERBOX MENAGERIE OF ANIMALS. Edited by Laurence H. Francis. Boston: Estes and Lauriat, 1892.
Relief illustrations, uncolored except the cover which is color printed. Exhibit checklist L.152 (View this item)


ABC. No publication information.
Relief illustrations, uncolored but printed in blue. A long scroll attached to a wooden container with a crank handle. When turned, the alphabet book comes out. Exhibit checklist L.153 (View this item)

Kate Greenaway's Alphabet

KATE GREENAWAY'S ALPHABET. London: George Routledge & Son, n.d.
Wood engraved illustrations, color printed. One of Greenaway's most common and popular books. Exhibit checklist L.154 (View this item)


HANDKERCHIEF-Sunday Lessons, No. 1, printed by Boston Chemical Printing Company. Mostly religious verses and prayers. Circa 1850.
Letterpress printed. This was one of six such lessons printed on cloth. Exhibit checklist L.149 (View this item)


THE SUNDAY ALPHABET, TO TEACH LITTLE FOLKS HOW TO BECOME GOOD. London: Routledge, Warne, and Routledge, [ca. 1870].
Wood engraved illustrations, uncolored. Cover illustration wood engraved and color printed by Edmund Evans. This happy text uses "L" for Lamb ("Emblem of our Saviour, whom the Jews did crucify") and "V" for Vice ("which, as it leads to death, renounce in all its ways"). Cover shown. Exhibit checklist L.147 (View this item)