When the World Came to Campus, 1909


Music was everywhere at the AYP. In addition to the Music Pavilion and the Band Stand, the Amphitheatre also hosted musical performances. Parades brought music throughout the fairgrounds, and music was among the chief attractions of the Hawaii Building and of Pay Streak features such as Dixieland, and the Klondyke Dance Hall and Saloon.

Wagner's AYP Band was the official band of the Exposition and performed every day that the Fair was open. Other significant ensembles performing regularly were Ellery's Band, hailing from Chicago, and Innes’ Orchestral Band, who came all the way from New York City to play to enraptured audiences. Frederick Innes composed the official march of the Fair, “Gloria, Washington,” and was himself celebrated on Innes Day, July 10.

Other, lesser-known groups visited as well, and many of the Exposition's special days and other events featured the music of a group or nationality such as the musical assembly held in the Amphitheatre on Swedish Day, and the AYP Eisteddfod presented by the Seattle Eisteddfod Society.


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Souvenir Program of the AYP Eisteddfod
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