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Makah Cultural and Research Center Mission Statement

  1. To protect and preserve the linguistic, cultural and archeological resources of the Makah Indian Nation.
  2. To provide policy direction in the area of linguistic and cultural management to the Makah Tribal Council and other interested organizations.
  3. To educate Tribal members and the public in the cultural heritage, and language of the Makah Indian Nation.
  4. To stimulate research which will benefit the Makah Nation and the academic community by providing a comprehensive center for the Makah-oriented research.
  5. To promote economic development for the Makah Tribe of the Makah people.

About the Makah Cultural and Research Center

Inside MCRCThe Makah Museum in Neah Bay, recognized as the nation's finest tribal museum, welcomes visitors to experience the life of pre-contact Makah people. The permanent exhibits include artifacts from the Ozette collection, uncovered from a Makah village partially buried by a mudslide nearly 500 years ago. Inside the museum you will find a full-size replica longhouse, and four cedar dug-out canoes. Whaling, sealing, and fishing gear, basketry and other tools are also on display, preserved by the unique conditions created by the mudslide.

The Museum shop contains carvings, basketry, and jewelry made by Makah artists, and a wide selection of prints, books and cards. The Makah Museum is open to the public 7 days a week from Memorial Day through September 15th, and closed Monday and Tuesday from September 16th through Memorial Day.

The Makah Cultural and Research Center (MCRC) also houses the Makah language program which works toward preserving and teaching the Makah language. The MCRC's Education department responds to thousands of requests annually from the Makah and non-Makah groups and individuals seeking information about Makah Culture and Neah Bay community which is available for researchers to use upon request (sometimes an application process is necessary). The Collections department manages the 60,000+ artifacts in the MCRC's permanent collections and researches the artifacts in other museums that may be returned to the Makah Tribe.

For more information, visit the MCRC website at

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