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Welcome to the Makah Cultural and Research Center online museum exhibit. We invite you to come in to our center, our hu?iya>p qWabito>wis, hu>?e’y?ukWi> bringing it back to the way it was long ago!

Our exhibit will give you the opportunity to look back in time and see how our people lived. Perhaps you will be able to experience a portion of our appreciation of the One Above who taught our ancestors how to live in this place.

The items you will see and the ingenuity behind their design were inspired through prayer. Our people prayed for their well-being and success. The people learned how to make the necessary tools, equipment, shelter, furnishing, clothing, and seafaring crafts to accommodate their livelihood.

We invite you to visit us in Neah Bay. In the Makah Spirit of friendship, love, respect, and wishes for good health, we anticipate that we will know each other better and will have increased mutual understanding. It is time that people with different backgrounds and ideas should see into each others' lives.






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