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20 Useful Phrases

Listen to Makah
Where are you from? phrase 1 in Makah
I'm from Neah Bay. phrase 2 in Makah
How are you now? phrase 7 in Makah

I'm fine/okay
Are you okay?

phrase 8 in Makah
It's a good day today. phrase 10 in Makah
Come and eat! phrase 22 in Makah
I love you. phrase 26 in Makah
Are you hungry now? phrase 27 in Makah
What are you doing? phrase 49 in Makah
I'm not doing anything. phrase 50 in Makah
Where are you going? phrase 51 in Makah
I'm going to the store. phrase 53 in Makah
Goodbye phrase 59 in Makah
It's low tide phrase 64 in Makah  
It's high tide phrase 65 in Makah  
What is your name? phrase 67 in Makah  
My name is ________. phrase 68 in Makah ________.  
Thank you. phrase 73 in Makah  
Speaking Makah phrase 84 in Makah  
See you later! phrase 100 in Makah  

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