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The underlying tools and technology used in the development and operation of this site can be divided into several categories:

Digitization of the collection: The database content on this site came from numerous sources and was digitized by different organizations, therefore a number of techniques and tools were used for scanning. Please see digitizing the collection.

Creation of metadata (descriptions of database elements): The University of Washington Libraries using a graphic data dictionary, which they developed for this project, created metadata for the database objects. Detailed information about this process and a link to the actual data dictionary are available in this intellectual access document.

Database and search technology: The American Indians of the Northwest database utilizes OCLC's CONTENTdm Software Suite, which was developed at the University of Washington by the Center for Information Systems Optimization. The CONTENTdm software program provides:

CONTENTdm is currently being used by numerous organizations (libraries, museums, and companies) for a broad range of multimedia management applications.

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