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Architects and Their Projects

Click on each architect's name to view a list of his/her works which can be found in the database. Click on the building title to view the architectural drawings and more information about them. If a photograph of the completed building is in one of our digital collections, a thumbnail representation will appear. Click on the thumbnail picture to view a larger version of the image.

Albertson, Abraham Horace (1872-1964)
Ayer, Elizabeth (1897-1987)
Bebb, Charles H. (Charles Herbert), 1856-1942
Beezer, Louis, 1869-1929
Beezer, Michael J., 1869-1933
Bittman, Henry W., 1882-1953
Brown, A. Paul
Byrne, Francis Barry, 1883-1967
Champney, Edouard Frere, 1874-1929
Cook, Howard
Cote, Joseph S., b. 1874
Darmer, Carl August, b. 1858
Farrell, William
Fisher, Elmer H., 1840?-1905
Galloway, John Debo, 1869-1943
Ginnold, Harold Horatio, 1886-1959
Gould, Carl Feylinghausen, 1873-1939
Graham, John Jr., 1908-1991
Graham, John, 1873-1955
Heide, A.F.
Holmes, J. Lister, 1891-1986
Howard, John Galen, 1864-1931
Howells, John Mead, 1868-1959
Huntington, Daniel Riggs, 1871-1962
Ivey, Edwin J., 1883-1940
Kirk, Paul Hayden, 1914-1995
Lawton, George Willis, 1864-1928
Loveless, Arthur L. (Arthur Lamont), 1873-1971
McKinley, David A. (David Alexander) Jr., b. 1930
Mendel, Louis Leonard, 1867-1940
Moore, Philip A., 1903-1972
Myers, David John, 1872-1936
Osborn, Edward Thomas, b. 1865
Pries, Lionel H., 1897-1968
Priteca, B. Marcus (Bernard Marcus), 1889-1971
Richardson, Paul David, 1888-1939
Ryan, Henderson, b. 1878
Saunders, Charles Willard, 1858-1935
Schack, James Hansen, 1871-1933
Shields, Robert M., b. 1917
Skillings, Warren Porter, 1860-1939
Somervell, W. Marbury, 1872-1939
Steinbrueck, Victor, 1911-1985
Stokes, I. N. Phelps (Isaac Newton Phelps), 1867-1944
Storey, Ellsworth P. (Ellsworth Prime), 1879-1960
Terry, Roland, 1917-2006
Thiry, Paul (Albert), 1904-1993
Tucker, Bert A., 1910-1983
Voorhees, Victor W., 1876-1970
Wallace, Donald S.
Wheatley, Arthur
Willatsen, Andrew Christian Peter, 1876-1974
Wilson, Clayton D.
Wilson, Joseph Wade, 1878-1968
Wimberly, George J.
Wohleb, Joseph Henry, 1887-1958
Wood, J.M., b. 1841

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