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Northwest Historical Annual Reports Collection

Report to Stockholders, Boeing Airplane Company, 1958
Report to Stockholders, Boeing, 1958

The Northwest Historical Annual Reports Collection is a growing digital collection of annual financial reports of companies currently or historically based in the Pacific Northwest. The collection includes annual reports dating from the 1930s and provides a continuous run of annual reports for most of the companies up to the 1990s.

Corporate annual reports are a unique historical document that not only chronicles the life of the company but changes in industrial and graphic design and the evolution of the economic structure of a region. The companies and annual reports presented here are just a small part of Foster Business Library annual reports collection that includes reports from over 800 U.S. and international companies.


     Active Voice
     Airborne Express
     Airborne Freight Corporation
     Airborne, Inc.
     Alaska Airlines
     Aldus Corporation
     American Marine
     American Savings Financial Corporation
     Bank of the West
     Bank of Yakima
     Blue Cross of Washington and Alaska
     Boeing Company
     Cascade Natural Gas
     Centennial Villas, Inc.
     Central Bancorporation
     Chem-Nuclear Systems, Inc.
     CMC International
     Columbia Federal Savings Bank
     Costco Wholesale Corporation
     Criton Corporation
     Crown Zellerbach


     Eagle Hardware and Garden
     EMF Corporation
     Everett Trust and Savings
     Federal Home Loan Bank of Seattle
     Fentron Highway Products, Inc.
     First Interstate Bancorp
     First Interstate Bank of Washington
     First Medic
     First Northwest Industries
     Flakey Jakes


     General America Corporation
     Genetic Systems Corporation
     Greenacres, Inc
     GTE Northwest
     Heidelberg Brewing
     Integrated Circuits, Inc.


     Jay Jacobs Inc.
     Ketchikan Pulp Company
     Lang and Co.
     Laser Link Corporation
     Lewis Refrigeration
     Lindal Cedar Homes
     Longview Fibre Company


     Metropolitan Building
     Metropolitan Building
     Microsoft Corporation
     Mount Baker Bank
     National Bank of Washington
     Nevex Gold
     North West Bank
     Northern Air Freight
     Northern Life Insurance
     Northwestern Company
     Northwestern Glass Company
     Northwestern Mutual
     Northwestern Mutual Insurance
     Old National Bancorporation
     Old National Bank
     Olympic Bank
     Olympic Broadcasting
     Olympus Service Corporation


     Pacer Corporation
     Pacfic American Corporation
     Pacific American Fisheries, Inc
     Pacific Car and Foundry Company
     Pacific First Federal
     Pacific First Financial
     Pacific National Bank of Washington
     Pacific Northwest Bell
     Pacific Northwest Company
     Pacific Nuclear Systems
     Pacific Telecom, Inc.
     Pacific Western Industries
     Paragon Trade Brands
     Palmer G. Lewis Company
     Pay'n Pak
     Pay'n Save
     Pegasus Gold Inc.
     Pend Oreille Mines and Metals Company
     Peoples Bancorporation
     Peoples Mortgage Company
     Peoples National Bank of Washington
     Puget Sound Power and Light Company
     Puget Sound Pulp and Timber Company
     Quality Food Centers, Inc.
     Rainier Bancorporation
     Reinell Industries
     Royal Oak Mines


     Savings Bank of Puget Sound
     Sea Galley Stores, Inc.
     Seafirst Corporation
     Seattle Film Works
     Seattle Trust and Savings Bank
     Security Pacific Bank
     Security Pacific Corporation
     Shoreline Savings
     SI Technologies
     Sierra On-Line
     Sigma Research
     Simlog Corporation
     Skipper's Inc.
     Summit Savings
     Sun Sportswear
     Superior Portland Cement
     Targeted Genetics
     Telephone Utilities
     The Welsh Corporation
     Todd Shipyards
     Tollycraft Corporation
     Trailer Equipment Distributors, Inc.


     Washington Energy Company
     Washington Mutual
     Washington Natural Gas Company
     Wayne's Photo Finishing, Inc
     Westmark International, Inc.
     Weyerhaeuser Company
     Weyerhaeuser Timber Company
     Wits, Inc.

About the Database

The images for the Northwest Historical Annual Reports Collection were researched and scanned by the staff at the University of Washington, Foster Business Library. Images were scanned in full color and saved in TIFF format for preservation purposes and converted to JPEG for inclusion in this database. Some manipulation of the images was done to ensure the clearest possible digital images. The scanned images were linked with descriptive data using the ContentDM software.

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