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The SeaTac/Seattle Minimum Wage Project: Campaigns

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National Campaign

As SeaTac and Seattle passed new minimum wage policies, workers organized for protests over wages and working conditions around the Puget Sound – at WalMart and fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, and among hotel and farm workers in many sites. Around the nation, dozens of states and scores of cities and counties experienced similar campaigns to raise the minimum wage. In the election cycle of November, 2014, four states (all “red” states: Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska, South Dakota) passed new minimum wage initiatives. At the national level, in January 2014, President Obama called for raising the federal minimum wage to around ten dollars, although Republicans have opposed it. Polls reflect that a growing majority of Americans support for increasing substantially the minimum wage. The logic is simple: gainfully employed people who work hard should not live in poverty, which is the case now for millions who make the present federal minimum wage

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