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Women workers
General Industrial Union District Council Charter, February 18, 1924

This portal for the digital collections associated with the Labor Archives of Washington was completed in 2011. Materials from the Special Collections Division of the University of Washington Libraries were selected and digitized in 2010 and 2011 expressly for the purpose of inclusion on this site. These materials primarily came from:

  • the E. B. "Harry" Ault papers (Accession 213-1),
  • the Broussais C. Beck papers (Accession 155-1),
  • the Central Labor Council of King County records (Accession 1940-1),
  • the Central Labor Council of Pierce County records (Accession 2882-1),
  • the Brice P. Disque papers (Accession 316-1) and
  • the Anna Louise Strong papers (Accession 1309-1).

Sources for other materials digitized at this time include:

  • the AFL- CIO Washington State Labor Council records (Accession 450-2),
  • the Joseph E. Gandy papers (Accession 1738-1),
  • the Industrial Workers of the World Seattle Joint Branch records (Accession 544-1),
  • the International Typographical Union records (Accession 5370-1),
  • the Roy John Kinnear papers (Accession 102-1),
  • the Mark Litchman papers (Accession 165-1),
  • the John Leonard Miller papers (Accession 2240-2),
  • and the Henry Suzzallo papers (Accession 48-1).

This work of selection and digitization, as well as the production of the content available on this portal, was primarily completed by James W. Rosenzweig. Important contributions were also made by the Labor Archivist, Conor Casey, and by the Digital Projects Coordinator for Special Collections, Kris Kinsey. Imaging assistance was provided by Reuben Dias, Wesley Nelson, and Murray Sampson.

Additional materials were drawn from pre-existing digital collections, including the Centralia Massacre Collection, the Civil Works Administration Photographs, the Everett Massacre Collection, the Federal Emergency Relief Administration Photographs, the Grand Coulee Dam Collection, the Vietnam War Era Ephemera Collection, and the WTO Seattle Collection. Information about the contents of these collections, and the contributors who created them, are available on each collection’s home page.

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