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Ancient Near East Photograph Collection

Al-Azhar Mosque
Al-Azhar Mosque

Dome of the Rock
Dome of the Rock

This collection, created by Professor Scott Noegel, documents artifacts and archaeological sites of the ancient Near East. While the majority of the collection depicts structures and sites dating from 3000 BCE to 200 CE, the collection also has images of more recent sites, such as the al-Azhar Mosque and the modern creation, Lake Nasser. Currently, all images are of Egypt and Israel, although plans exist to eventually add images from Anatolia, Syria, Iraq, and Iran.

About the Database

Images were scanned at 300dpi using an Umax Astra 2000 scanner and saved at 72dpi as jpg files. Alterations were made with Adobe Photoshop.

The images in this collection are owned by Professor Scott Noegel. For permission to use these images you must send an inquiry to Dr. Scott Noegel at snoegel[at]u[dot]washington[dot]edu.

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