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Mount St. Helens Post-Eruption Chemistry Database

1981 eruption witnessed from inside crater

The collection provides a look at both the human and the scientific sides of studying the eruption of a volcano. The slides were taken by Professor William Zoller, Professor of Chemistry, University of Washington, over a period of three years during research trips with his team to study the chemistry and impacts of the 1980 eruption of Mount Saint Helens. His group was the first allowed in after the initial eruption.

This collection illustrates some of the methods used to study the chemistry of volcanoes and the impacts of such a powerful eruption. It also seeks to show the human side of research, for example, how it feels to be inside the crater taking samples when the volcano erupts again (slide zolmhs80 shown here).

The collection will be of interest regionally, for students K-12 and college-level, as well as researchers. The slides and their descriptions may be used for educational and research purposes only. For more information on their use, contact Bill Zoller at Zoller[at]u[dot]washington[dot]edu

Completion of this database was supported by a grant from the University of Washington Libraries 21st. Century Grant Fund and also with the assistance of students and staff of the UW Chemistry Library.

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