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University of Washington Libraries Art Collection

This collection provides a visual survey of the art on display in public areas throughout the University of Washington Libraries, Seattle campus. Many of the pieces are on temporary, long-term loan to the Libraries from the Campus Art Collection or from University Departments, or they may be owned by the Libraries. By using this Web site, visitors to the Libraries may find and view the actual pieces in the locations listed. The collections include numerous prints, drawings, and paintings, along with sculptures and historical works.

It is the intent of the University Libraries to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors that is conducive to the pursuit of intellectual study and cultural enrichment. To that end the University Libraries welcomes opportunities to display art within the public areas in its facilities.

A policy is in place to guide decisions about the acceptance of art for display in the University Libraries on a permanent or long-term temporary basis:

About the Database

During 2008-09 the Libraries commissioned a graduate student to photograph and gather information regarding the art on display in the Suzzallo and Allen Libraries and in several other libraries on the Seattle campus. Funded by the Ann L. Nieder Endowment, this Art Inventory Project collected visual images and descriptions for over 100 pieces. As pieces are removed and returned to the Campus Art Collection and other pieces are added, the database will reflect these changes.

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