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Pacific Northwest Photographers Archive

The Pacific Northwest Photographers Archive (PNPA) is a non-profit, charitable organization established in 2016. Its mission is to enhance the legacy of photographers and associated organizations that have contributed to the region’s rich history in the photographic arts. PNPA seeks to preserve the work of regional photographers exhibiting a high degree of artistic achievement, those who helped build photographic communities or were innovative pioneers, and those who made outstanding contributions to photography in the Pacific Northwest.

In partnership with the University of Washington (UW), PNPA seeks to acquire and preserve significant photographic materials created in the Pacific Northwest or by photographers with significant ties to the region and make them available to students, scholars, and the general public for study and appreciation


Still Life of Shell, between 1965 and 1969

Max Allara

Merrilee Rush & The Tournabouts, 1966

Jini Dellaccio

Gas Works Park

Mary Randlett

Fire hydrant next to stack of doghouses, Eugene, Oregon, 1993

Herman Krieger

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Fisherman's House

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