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Richard J. Blandau Film Collection

Observations of the Cultured Chick Myocardial Cells
(film still)

Richard J. Blandau was a researcher, professor of biological structure and administrator at the University of Washington school of Medicine from 1949 to 1981. Dr. Blandau engaged in basic studies on ovulation, fertilization and embryonic development that led to advances in human fertility. He produced teaching and research films and pioneered time-lapse photography of mammal ovulation. His filmed documentation of how the egg is released from the ovary and guided into the oviduct won a Vienna Film Festival Award in 1959.

Richard J. Blandau Films, ca. 1947-1991 is comprised of films using photomicroscopy techniques and medical illustration to capture cellular behaviors, ovulation, fertilization and reproduction, as well as, the embryonic development of the heart. This collection is comprised of a selection of short clips taken from the original films. The clips were created with assistance from the Society for the Study of Reproduction.

About the Database

This digital collection was researched and prepared by the UW Libraries Special Collections Division in 20150 with a a generous grant awarded to the Society for the Study of Reproduction by TocopheRx. The clips in this collection were selected from Richard J. Blandau Films, ca. 1947-1991 (PhColl 1003) residing at the UW Libraries Special Collections Division. Selection of films was done by Hannah Palin and the research and descriptive data was prepared by Jaki Parsons. Films were imported into Final Cut Pro using an Elmo TRVG16 and files were created using Quicktime, transcoded to Flash, and linked with descriptive metadata.

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