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Newsfilm of Grays Harbor County

Newsfilm of Grays Harbor County, ca. 1925-1933 is a collection of 35mm nitrate film that may have been made by Anderson Photo Art and Commercial Photography of Aberdeen, Washington. It is possible that the films were made to supplement national newsreels that were shown in local theatres, bringing the community activities of Grays Harbor County to life on the big screen. Topics in the films include the wreck of the S. S. Halco, the opening of the Aberdeen-Willapa Highway, the annual training cruise of the U.S. Naval Reserve, and community events such as football games, parades, log rolling contests, speeches by local dignitaries, ice cream socials and picnics providing a rare view into life in Grays Harbor County, in the 1920s.

This collection is comprised of a selection of short clips taken from the original films. The clips were taken from new prints preserved with assistance from the National Film Preservation Foundation and the Apex Foundation.

About the Database

This digital collection was researched and prepared by the UW Libraries Special Collections Division in 2010 with a grant from the Apex Foundation. The clips in this collection were selected from the Newsfilm of Grays Harbor County, ca. 1925-1933 (PH Coll 925), residing at the UW Libraries Special Collections Division. Selection of films was done by Hannah Palin and the research and descriptive data was prepared by Jonathan King and Ryer Banta. Films were imported into iMovie using DVDs created from DigiBeta transfers of newly preserved 35mm prints. 1-5 minute files were created using Quicktime and linked with descriptive metadata.

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