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KC-COB mailing list

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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

Image courtesy Maple Valley Historical SocietyWhat is KC-COB?

How do I get on the KC-COB mailing list?

How will I know if I am on the list?

How do I send messages to the list?

Image courtesy Wing Luke Asian MuseumHow do I reply directly to someone who posted a message to the list?

I don't want to be on this list any more. How do I get off?

I got a cryptic error message. Now what?

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KC-COB mailing list - Etiquette

Just like all the other parts of our lives, there are etiquette rules to using Mailing Lists. If you follow these rules when sending mail, everything will go smoothly for all.

Image courtesy Museum of History and IndustryMeaningful Subject Line
When sending messages to a mailing list, please make sure that they have a clear and descriptive entry on the "Subject:" line.

Include a Signature
Please be sure to sign your full name at the bottom of your posting and include your organization's name and your e-mail address. Some people receive their e-mail messages with the senders' information stripped away by their local email system and won't know the author of a particular email unless you add it in your message.

Provide Context
Every posting should begin with a clear introduction to the topic, or offer some kind of reference to the topic or a previous posting. There are often several "threads" of discussion going on simultaneously, which makes unreferenced postings confusing to readers. A popular way of providing context is to quote verbatim from the original message. However, keep the quotations *short* and *relevant*. Quoting whole messages, signatures and all, can be inconsiderate.

Image courtesy Northwest Railway MuseumHumor
Humor is appreciated, but please remember that humor in email can easily be misinterpreted. One way to express emotion is to use smilies. For example: humorous :-) , ironic ;-) , or sad :-( .

Personal Mail
Just as it is important to try to share public information with the whole group, private correspondence should remain just that -- private. Send personal messages directly to individuals, not by way of the list.

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