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February Saturday 20, 1915

Cloudy. Jack Hudson came up early, says he is going to Taholah, [Norvel] Cope's Fourth of July, make $1,000.

Mrs. [Caroline] Rixon, daughter Gertrude, Miss Bertolet, and Miss Hendricksen came down in the new Rixon auto, and walked on over to the [Rixon] ranch on Teahwhit Head.

The surveyors finished the line to the cannery today, went without dinner to do so.

Walt came and got a load of fish. George Siegfried came after the girls. Harvey [Smith] came down to get four of the Indians to take them to the basketball game. Sequim got in about dark. Expect the folks will stay all night.

Have such a lame back that I can hardly stir so had better get to bed. Six of the sheep did not come up; expect they were scared by the men working down there today. George said it rained at Forks all day. Raining since about eight.

February Wednesday 24, 1915

Raining. Walt came about seven for the mail. Tealie got breakfast for Nell so she could go to school. Received prints from Wischmeyer last night. The picture of the village and schoolhouse would be hard to beat. The schoolhouse and playground is A no. 1. The pictures of the pupils are good, in spite of his bad intentions; Kenneth Keene has a front seat in both. I tried to get him to get in front of the Indian children but he did not want his picture taken, but I have both a front and rear view of him, both good.

February Saturday 27, 1915

Cloudy. All my tillacums [friends] here with clams. Bought some from Mrs. She-ste-cop and Mrs. Cleveland gave me a mess of fine ones. Gave Walt the ones I bought for myself and also gave him some smelts.

March Friday 5, 1915

Raining. Sent out money order reports. Took me quite a while to find out whether I had found or lost a penny.

Tealie caught a chicken and I cleaned it for her. I wonder why it took so long to steam the thing, would not be surprised it if was the hen that is setting. Frank was here and they took everything to the cannery for the girls to make sandwiches, if S.G. felt better would suggest that he bird the chicken. The whole outfit went to the cannery.

Mrs. Weldrick [Lillian Maxfield] called up from Sappho and said Messers’ Starbuck, Bricken, McDonald and Steel would be here tonight. They came in about three o'clock in Weldricks 1910 five passenger Cadillac. Some more either suckers or planning to catch someone that is. Some more with wheels in their head who think there is some easy money lying around in here. If there were we would have it corralled ourselves; the inhabitants are not asleep. Some of them have been here long enough to be. There may be a fortune lying along this beach, but I imagine it will break a good many more before it is found. Whenever a good road goes down the beach, many of these places will be gold mines of another sort – Pleasure resorts. These beaches will be mined for something besides placer gold.



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