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May Sunday 3, 1914

Cloudy. Charley Palmer got up early and went to Wesley's [Smith] for breakfast. He and Beth are going to the beach later on. Everyone went to the beach but myself. I staid home and made up my accounts in the office. Great ball game, 30 to 18. Relay race and foot races at LaPush. Got dinner when the folks came home. Sent Mrs. Morse some lettuce. Nell, Lucille Morse and George Siegfried came down yesterday. Clear.

May Monday 4, 1914

Clear. Tealie and I went to Earl Wilson's, going up to Earl's road with Eb Morse. Eb was down for three shovels, had driven with Gretta Morse from there to Joe's [Marsh] for a bed and dishes. Had to go down the trail to opposite Earl's house to get across. Was hungry enough to eat one of the dogs. Mary [Marsh-Wilson] had lots to eat; told her it was a good thing. Clear and cool.

May Wednesday 6, 1914

Clear with promise of another warm day. Walked up to Lyendeckers road, and rode down from there with Eddie Leyendecker. Took pictures at Lyendeckers.

June Thursday 4, 1914

Clear. A very good night after all. Nell Morse, Cile Morse, Tealie and I rode up as far as Ebs [Morse] in the cart, from there Gretta Morse, Tealie, Cile and the children rode to the school house. The exercises were held in the church and were very good. The little Smith children did fine. The crowd had a lunch at the schoolhouse and enjoyed themselves very much. Betty [Alexander] came down with the girls. Clear. We sprung the axle on the old cart.

July Saturday 4, 1914

Lloyd came down and decorated the car, took S.G. [Morse] and the girls [Tealie Taylor, Nell and Lucille Morse] up to Forks. Jake [Hahn] down after Tealie. The cars came back and forth all day. [Lloyd] Curtis and Ern [Fletcher] down with the Morse girls and Mrs. Meredith [Dr. Keonig's sister]. Ray [Shamley] driving the Forks Hotel car. He invited me to go up with him. There were 7 grown folks and 4 children. Had a blow out just the other side of the prairie. Ern came along and helped put on a new tire.

On July 31, 1914 the Port Angeles Olympic Tribune reported:

First Auto Over West End Road

Splendid Roadbed, Well Graveled, from Lake Crescent to Beaver, and on to Ocean



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