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The NNDA currently features the following issues

Hokubei Jiji/North American Times: 12/14/1917-12/31/1919 and 9/10/1923
Hokubei Hochi/North American Post: 6/5/1946-12/1950

The Nikkei Newspapers Digital Archive (NNDA) is a project of the Hokubei Hochi (North American Post) Foundation and the University of Washington Libraries. Our goal is to make accessible two significant newspapers which tell the story of Japanese immigration and Japanese American community life in Seattle and beyond, from 1902 to 1950, and continuing to the present day. The newspapers, North American Times (1902-1942) and North American Post (1946-1950), were published primarily in Japanese, with occasional, and then regularly appearing, pages published in English. Translation summaries (English) are provided for some front page stories (see “Translated Front Pages”). You may search by browsing the individual issues. We hope to provide additional search features in the future. This project is a “work-in-progress” as issues continue to be scanned and will continually be added to this public collection.

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The Nikkei Newspapers Digital Archive strives to provide a complete collection of the North American Times and North American Post. Visit our Missing Issues page for information about what issues the NNDA is currently missing. Your assistance is invaluable in helping to complete this remarkable historical recrod.

For more information on how you can help, please go to the Hokubei Hochi Foundation website at www.hokubeihochi.org.

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