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Pacific Northwest Political Marches and Rallies 2017-2018


This collection consists of images of marches, protests, rallies, and sign waving demonstrations that took place across the Pacific Northwest following the election of President Donald J. Trump. The predominance of events in this database took place in Seattle, but Spokane, Olympia, Portland, and other surrounding cities are also represented. More than 20 individuals have donated photographs and video to the collection.

This collection attempts to capture the diversity of political opinion expressed across the region. It was not possible to gather photographs from every political event, but a concerted effort was made to document a representative snapshot of public protest since January 2017.

The material touches on issue areas including climate change and the environment, health care and reproductive rights, immigration and refugee policies, discrimination, women's and LGBTQ people's rights, Black Lives Matter, U.S. foreign policy, and the presidency of Donald Trump.

All of the signs, clothing, buttons, and stickers in the images have been fully transcribed and are text searchable. We have also described signs that are primarily visual, making them text searchable as well. Organizations that were mentioned on signage can be searched. You can see a full list of those organizations under the tab below. Finally, we have assigned issue area tags to most images in the collection. You can view the list of issue area tags under the tab below.

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2017 Events

Women's March
Women's March on Seattle, January 21, 2017

The Women's March on Seattle (also written as Womxn's March) was held on Saturday, January 21, 2017. The march was held in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington D.C., which occurred on the same day. More than 120,000 people participated in the Seattle march, which began at Judkins Park and ended at Seattle Center. The Women's March is believed to be the largest political march in Seattle's history (Katherine Long, "Record Seattle crowd asserts women's rights", Seattle Times, January 21, 2017).

On January 21, 2017, more than one million men, women, and children across the United States, and around the world, marched in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington D.C. The marches were held on the day after the inauguration of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, and were framed as a statement of opposition to the views and ideas put forward by President Trump.

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March for Science
March for Science, April 22, 2017

The Seattle March for Science occurred on April 22, 2017. This date was chosen because April 22 is also Earth Day. According to organizers, as many as 20,000 people attended the march, which began at 10 a.m. in Cal Anderson Park in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The march culminated at the International Fountain at the Seattle Center. The March for Science in Seattle was one of more than 500 similar marches taking place across the United States. Demonstrators marched in support of "robustly funded and publicly communicated science and evidence as a pillar of human freedom and prosperity" and also called "for science that upholds the common good, and for political leaders and policymakers to enact evidence-based policies in the public interest", according to a statement put out by march organizers. Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray came out to show their support.

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Stand Against Communism Rally
Stand Against Communism Rally, May 1, 2017

On May 1, 2017, nearly 150 people gathered at Westlake Park in downtown Seattle for a rally they titled "Stand Against Communism". The rally, hosted by Vancouver, Washington group Patriot Prayer, was meant to serve as a counterpoint to planned leftist demonstrations also being held in Seattle on that day (namely, the 18th Annual May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights which was held concurrently). According to a statement put out by Patriot Prayer, their rally was intended to show "support for the Police, Trump, Freedom, and America" on a day (May Day) that has "traditionally [been] a day that Communist and Antifa [Anti-Fascists] run wild through downtown Seattle". They also encouraged supporters to bring thin blue line, American, and Trump flags. After the speeches commenced, the group marched briefly through the Belltown and Downtown Business District neighborhoods before returning to Westlake Center. After the march, numerous small scuffles occurred between Patriot Prayer protestors and groups of anarchists and anti-fascists.

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43rd Annual Seattle Pride Parade
43rd Annual Seattle Pride Parade, June 25, 2017

The 43rd Annual Seattle Pride Parade took place on June 25, 2017. The parade began at 11 a.m, and proceeded along 4th Avenue from Union Street up to Seattle Center, lasting about 2 ½ hours. The city estimates that about 200,000 people attended the event. The parade encountered minor clashes with protestors over the course of the event. An anti-gay religious group tried to take over the head of the parade, but they were rebuffed by marchers. Also, Black Lives Matter protestors held a sit in on the parade route to honor Charleena Lyles, a Seattle mother of four who was killed by police earlier in the month.

The Seattle City Council, the Seattle Police Department, the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Seattle Public Libraries, Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, and Alaska Airlines all had representatives participating in the parade. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray also participated. Different stops along the parade route were staffed by announcers who spoke to the crowds. Announcers included Abbeu Roads, The Lady B, Dontella Howe, TylahMay Jackson, Violet Deville, Diva le Deviant, Tricky D and Dynasty.

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Medicare for All March
Medicare for All March, July 25, 2017

On June 25, 2017, the national organization Millions Marching For Medicare 4 All organized a rally on the plaza of the Federal Building in downtown Seattle. They came to voice their support for a national single-payer health care plan based on Medicare. Medicare is the single-payer, national social insurance program administered by the federal government since 1966. As of 2015, more than 55 million Americans received coverage through the Medicare program. This demand for a modified health care system came on the heels of the election of Republican President Donald J. Trump, who made repealing the Affordable Care Act a campaign promise. The rally was scheduled to take place between 11 am and noon.

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Say No to the Nazis
Emergency Rally - Say No to the Nazis, August 20, 2017

On August 20, 2017, the organization Americans For Refugees & Immigrants (AfRI) called for a demonstration against white supremacist violence, the Trump presidency, neo-Nazism, anti-Semitism, racism, as well as the influence of Sebastian Gorka and Stephen Miller in the White House. This rally was held in response to the Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11 and 12, 2017, where Heather Heyer was killed. AfRI decried President Trump's response to the "violence, misogyny, anti-Semitism, and racism in Charlotte" as "lukewarm", according to their Facebook page. The event was also supported by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Washington Congressman Adam Smith, and the Truman National Security Project.

Demonstrators gathered at Westlake Park to hear speeches from Michael Ramos, of the Church Council of Greater Seattle, Ross Cohen, of the Truman National Security Project, Cary Moon, candidate for Seattle Governor, Sheley Secrest, Vice President of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), Chris Vance, former chair of the Washington State Republican Party, Rabbi David Basior, of Kadima Reconstructionist Community, and Rabbi Jim Mirel, rabbi emeritus at Temple B'nai Torah.

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UW Walkout Against Graduate Tax Hike
UW Walkout Against Graduate Tax Hike, November 29, 2017

The UW Walkout Against Grad Tax Hike was held in Red Square at the University of Washington in Seattle. The walkout, was hosted by UAW Local 4121 and the UW Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) and was part of larger national day of action against the GOP Tax Plan, which included taxing tuition waivers (Facebook). At the University of Washington students took action in three ways; 1) In a white board writing campaign at Red square, 2) Storming congress members, Dave Reichert, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and Jamie Herrera Beutler via twitter about the tax bills impact on the students and 3) by joining AFT (American Federation of Teachers) members to deliver the petition to Dave Reichert's office (Facebook). On December 20, 2017 the Senate passed the GOP Tax Plan, considered to be the largest overhaul of the nation's tax code in three decades. Prior to the passage of the Tax Reform Bill, the section focused on taxing graduate students tuition waivers as income was removed.

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Tax Day March
Tax Day March, April 15, 2017

President Donald Trump declined to release his tax returns during the 2016 presidential campaign. Every other major-party presidential nominee, except Donald Trump and Gerald Ford, has released their tax returns to the public. President Trump has claimed he cannot release his tax return because he is being audited, and that the American public is not interested in seeing his returns. In response to his refusal, on Saturday, April 15, 2017, Tax March Seattle organized a march in downtown Seattle to demand that Trump release his tax returns. Tax day is a colloquial term for the day on which individual income tax returns are due to the federal government.

The march began at the Federal Building and ended at Seattle Center. Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, educator and activist Jesse Hagopian, and All In Washington's Minji Jung were among nine speakers. Other organizations involved in the march include Indivisible,, local Union chapters, and the Women's League of Voters. Estimates about the number of participants range from between 5,000-10,000. Similar Tax Day marches took place across the United States.

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People's Climate March
People's Climate March, April 29, 2017

The People's Climate March in Seattle, Washington, was one of several hundred Climate Marches that occurred across the nation on April 29, 2017. The Seattle march was hosted by the group Walk to Save Oak Flat. The march was scheduled to take place on the 100th day of Donald Trump's presidency, and was meant to draw attention to critical issues facing the environment. Protestors demanded solutions to climate change and protections for clean air, water, and land. Many also decried President Trump's rollback of restrictions on mining, oil drilling, greenhouse gas emissions, and more. The march began at Occidental Park in the Pioneer Square neighborhood, and moved north, ending in Westlake Park. According to organizers, at least 3,500 people attended the march. Following the march, a free event called the People's Climate Action Summit was held at Seattle University. The summit offered lectures, workshops, and discussions on climate justice, sustainability, activism, and more.

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March for Truth
March for Truth, June 3, 2017

On June 3, 2017, several hundred people participated in a "March for Truth" through downtown Seattle. The March for Truth on Seattle was held in solidarity with other March for Truth protests held on the same day across the country and the world. The nationwide organizers of the protests laid out their four main objectives as follows: 1) An independent commission [to investigate Russian interference in the U.S. election and Russian ties to Donald Trump] must be established, and Congressional investigations should be properly resourced and pursued free of partisan interests; 2) As much information [regarding the investigation} should be made available to the public as possible, and as soon as possible; 3) Congress should require Donald Trump to release his tax returns to clarify his business interests and obligations to any foreign entity; 4) If crimes were committed or if collusion is discovered, it must be prosecuted.

The Seattle march began at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill, and featured speeches and performances by organizer Demi Wetzel, Washington State Senator Bob Hasegawa, Seattle City Council Member Lisa Herbold, Edwin Lindo, Tyler Valentine, Ximena Velazquez-Arenas, Ty Nola, Jamie Margolin, and Daniel Oljavo. Members of various Indivisible groups took part in the march, including Indivisible Tacoma, Indivisible Bainbridge Island, and Indivisible North Seattle. The Free Instruments of Karma marching band led the marchers down East Pine Street, through downtown, and finally to Seattle Center.

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Trump Impeachment
Trump Impeachment March, July 2, 2017

On July 2, 2017, around 100 people attended a march to demand the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The march was organized in part by Free Speech for People and Indivisible groups. The protestors demanded that President Trump be held accountable for his foreign business dealings, travel bans, the widening investigation into his campaign's relationship with Russia, the banning of cameras from press briefings, as well as what they perceive to be his violations of the Constitution. Organizers contend that President Trump has violated at least three articles of the constitution, including the Foreign Emoluments Clause, the Domestic Emoluments Clause, and obstruction of justice. The group of concerned citizens rallied at Seattle Center at 11am before marching down 2nd Avenue to end at the Federal Building at 2nd Avenue and Marion Street.

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Patriot Prayer Freedom Rally
Patriot Prayer Freedom Rally, August 13, 2017

On August 13, 2017, the group Patriot Prayer held a rally in Westlake Park. Their mission, according to the event Facebook page, was as follows: "Seattle is running our state with a pedophile as a mayor. The West Coast has slowly been infected with communist ideologies throughout our entire culture. It is a belief that the individual is weak and that we are all victims. This is the lie of the century. No matter who you are, we are all amazing people with the ability to do anything that we put our minds to. These liberal strongholds run off of hatred and negativity. Patriot Prayer will bring in a positive message to Seattle that the people are starving for."

The day before the rally was scheduled to take place, a terrorist drove a car into a crowd of anti-fascist protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing Heather Heyer. This event dramatically increased the tension between Patriot Prayer and a scheduled anti-fascist counter protest (called the Solidarity Against Hate Rally). Many attendees of the Patriot Prayer rally wore quasi-military gear and waved pro-Trump flags. At least four members of the white-supremacist group The Proud Boys were present, identifiable by their black and yellow Fred Perry polo shirts.

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Global March for Elephants
Global March for Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, October 7, 2017

On Saturday, October 7, the Global March for Elephants, Rhinos, and Lions was held in Seattle. The march, hosted by Seattle Global March Elephants-Rhinos-Lions and Emerald City Pet Rescue, began at 11:00am at the Seattle Center Broad Street Garden. Marchers were led to Westlake Center by the dance group Samba OlyWa, who were dressed as tigers. Speakers included Drew Abrahamson from Captured in Africa Foundation and Carl Thornton from Pit-Track. The focus of the march was on banning trophy hunting, banning the ivory trade, fighting extinction, and defending animal conservation. Later in 2017, President Donald Trump would announce a reversal of a ban on trophy imports from Zimbabwe which had been imposed by the Obama administration. Two days later, after immense public blow-back, President Trump tweeted to suggest that he would instead maintain the ban.

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Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter Rally, April 15, 2017

On Saturday, April 15,, 2017, Seattle Black Lives Matter held a march in downtown Seattle, called BlackLivesMatter 2.0 March. The march began at Westlake Center and ended at the U.S. District Courthouse at 700 Stewart Street, in downtown Seattle. Participants were encouraged to wear black knitted hats to show their rejection of discrimination. Organizers included Mohawk Kuzma (also known as Miles Partman) and Jessica Owens. Organizers estimate that around 7,000 people participated in the march.

The Black Lives Matter movement was founded by Patrisse Cullors, Opal Tometi, and Alicia Garza. The movement was created after the murder of 17-year old Trayvon Martin and the subsequent failure of the judicial system to hold his killer, George Zimmerman, accountable for his crime. According to organizers, "Black Lives Matter is an ideological and political intervention in a world where Black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for demise. It is an affirmation of Black folks' contributions to this society, our humanity, and our resilience in the face of deadly oppression."

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May Day March for Workers
18th Annual May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights May 1, 2017

As many as ten thousand demonstrators took to the streets of Seattle on May 1, 2017 as part of the 18th Annual May Day marches, demonstrations, and rallies. Anti-war veterans, Black Lives Matter demonstrators, Anonymous & Co., Revolutionary People's Party, Seattle Antifascists, and more all held marches, demonstrations, and rallies around Seattle. The largest event was the 18th Annual May Day March for Workers and Immigrant Rights, organized by El Comité. Several thousand marchers, including numerous labor organizations such as the Service Employees International Union, the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters, and many more, marched from Judkins Park in the Central District to Seattle Center. At 11:00 am, music and speeches were given before the march headed westbound down Lane Street. Native Northwestern Hand Drummers joined the Ce Atl Tonalli Aztec Dance group in leading the procession.

May Day (May 1st) has long been known as a day for demonstrations in cities across the United States. May 1, 1886 was the first day of a three day labor strike in Downtown Chicago; three years later, the International Socialist Conference declared the day "International Workers Day". The history of May Day demonstrations in Seattle can be understood as a continuation of the spirit of the 1999 WTO Protests ("Battle of Seattle"), where at least 40,000 protestors took over downtown Seattle to protest the meeting of the World Trade Organization. Six months after the WTO protest, an internationally coordinated protest was scheduled for May 1, 2000. For the past 18 years, Seattle has held May Day protests, demonstrations, and marches. While the vast majority of participants have engaged in peaceful demonstrations, Seattle's May Day events have gained a reputation for violence, which has generally been attributed to anarchist and anti-capitalist groups.

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Seattle Stands with Our Muslim Neighbors
Anti-Sharia Rally and Seattle Stands with Our Muslim Neighbors Demonstration, June 10, 2017

On June 10, 2017, two rallies converged outside of Seattle City Hall. One, calling itself the March Against Sharia, was sponsored by the group ACT for America. ACT for America describes its mission as "protecting and preserving American culture". They have also been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-Muslim hate group, due in part to repeated claims by founder Bridgette Gabriel that practicing Muslims cannot be loyal citizens to the United States of America. ACT for America sponsored multiple anti-Sharia rallies across the US on the same day. Members of the alt-right group Patriot Prayer (along with organizer Joey Gibson) attended in support of the anti-Sharia demonstration.

The few dozen March Against Sharia members were met by over 500 counter protestors, calling themselves Seattle Stands with our Muslim Neighbors. This group, representing local religious, LGBTQ, labor, and community organizations, gathered at Occidental Square before marching to Fourth Avenue to address the March Against Sharia protestors. Imam Jamal Rahman, of the Interfaith Community Sanctuary, addressed counter protestors before they headed to City Hall.

According to Facebook statements made by organizers, the purpose of the counter protest was to "say loud and clear that hate and Islamaphobia are not welcome here". Activists also set up an "Ask an American Muslim" booth where attendees could engage with members of Seattle's Muslim community. Throughout the rally, Seattle Police, armed with clubs and wearing riot gear, maintained a wide barricade between the two protests by encircling the March against Sharia protestors with fences. Police deployed pepper spray and arrests were made following a fight that broke out after the rallies had concluded.

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Indivisible Stop Trumpcare
Indivisible Stop Trumpcare Sign-Waiving Demonstration, July 12, 2017

On July 12, 2017 protestors gathered at a busy intersection in front of the University of Washington Medical Center to "defend the principle that healthcare is a human right". The goal of their demonstration was the show their rejection of the American Health Care Act (also known as Trumpcare or AHCA). The American Health Care Act of 2017 (H.R. 1628) is a United States Congressional bill to partially repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. Rejected Senate amendments would have renamed H.R. 1628 the Better Care Reconciliation Act of 2017, Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act of 2017, or Health Care Freedom Act of 2017. It would repeal the parts of the Affordable Care Act within the scope of the federal budget.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projects that the AHCA would increase the number of uninsured people by 23 million over 10 years, but would decrease the federal budget deficit by $119 billion over the same period (about 1%), mainly by cutting Medicaid coverage for lower income Americans. Both the House AHCA bill and Senate BCRA bill would cut taxes largely for wealthy Americans. If enacted, insurance premiums are projected to decrease for younger, healthier, and wealthier people, while older and poorer people would likely see their premiums increase.

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Solidarity Against Hate
Solidarity Against Hate, August 13, 2017

On August 13, 2017, the following groups held a counter-rally to protest what they described as “far-right extremists” who planned to gather at Westlake Park: Greater Seattle IWW General Defense Committee Local 24, Seattle Solidarity, Seattle branch of the Freedom Socialist Party, Seattle branch of Radical Women, ANSWERSeattle, Seattle Party for Socialism and Liberation, SAFE in Seattle, Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, Seattle Veterans for Peace Chapter 92, Clifton Wyatt (former President of Local A 751 International Association of Machinists), Washington Federation of State Employees - Local 304.

According to the events Facebook page, the purpose of the protest was to demonstrate “solidarity with our targeted community members against the barrage of hate and violence coming from the ever-emboldened far-right.” The march began at Denny Park and moved towards Westlake Park, but were rebuffed and pepper-sprayed at numerous police barricades. Initially, organizers estimated that 200 people or less would attend their event. However, the day before the march was scheduled, a terrorist drove a car into a crowd of anti-fascist protestors in Charlottesville, Virginia, killing Heather Heyer. This led to an additional 600 people indicating that they were interested in attending the event on Facebook.

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Nationwide Solidarity March
Nationwide Solidarity March for Peace, October 14, 2017

The Nationwide Solidarity March for Peace took place on October 14, 2017. The march started at Occidental Park in Pioneer Square at 11 am. According to their Facebook event page, organizers billed the event as "a day for people to come together to share their love and compassion to call out the hatred and violence that is taking place in our society. This is a day for people of all political and religious affiliations, ethnicities, genders, sexualities, disabilities, ages and every other aspect of a human being.". Co-organizers and supporters included One America, Faith Action Network, Truman International Security Project, Church Council of Greater Seattle, Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network, Washington Dream Coalition, De-Escalate Washington, Neighborhood Action Coalition, CAIR Washington, Codepink Seattle, OXFam, ACLU, Food Justice, The Union of Academic Student Employees at the University of Washington, and Americans for Refugees & Immigrants. Cary Moon, who was then a candidate for Seattle Mayor, Tae Pheonix, and other activist organizers spoke to the crowd.

Near the end of the march, local musician Tae Pheonix requested that marchers get down on one knee and join her in singing the national anthem. This symbolic gesture was done in solidarity with professional athletes, led by football player Colin Kaepernick, in taking a knee during the national anthem to protest the murder of black Americans at the hands of police.

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Organizations Mentioned in the collection database.

If you are interested in viewing images related to these organizations, search for them by name using the search box at the top of the page.

  • 1Sky
  • 350 Seattle
  • 98th Rainier Scout Group
  • ACT for America
  • ACT Now Seattle
  • Act on Climate
  • Action Front Collective
  • Amazon
  • American Action
  • American Civil Liberties Union
  • American Federation of Government Employees
  • American Federation of Teachers
  • American Federation of Teachers Washington
  • Americans United For Separation of Church and State
  • Animal Liberation Front
  • Anonymous
  • Anti-Fascist Action
  • Antifa
  • Asian Counseling and Referral Service
  • Backbone Campaign
  • Bikers Against Bullies USA
  • CeAtl Tonalli
  • Chase Bank
  • CHEER Seattle
  • Citizens' Climate Lobby
  • City of Seattle
  • City of Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation
  • City of Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission
  • City of Seattle LGBTQ Commission
  • Code Pink
  • Community Alliance for Global Justice
  • Compassion Works International
  • Consulate General of Canada
  • Cornish College of the Arts
  • De-Escalate Washington
  • Defenders of Wildlife
  • Delta Airlines
  • DESC
  • Dykes That Ride
  • Earth Ministry
  • El Comité
  • Emerald City Pet Rescue
  • EMILY's List
  • Endangered Species Coalition
  • Entre Hermanos
  • Everett Resistance Movement
  • Facebook
  • FairVote
  • Fox
  • Freedom Socialist Party
  • Freedom Socialist Party - Radical Women
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation
  • Future Voters for 350ppm
  • GABRIELA Seattle
  • Gay Fathers Association of Seattle
  • Gender Justice League
  • Greater Seattle Business Association
  • Greater Seattle General Defense Committee
  • Green Party of Washington
  • Greenpeace
  • Indivisible
  • Indivisible Bridge Island
  • Indivisible North Seattle
  • Indivisible Skagit
  • Indivisible Tacoma
  • Industrial Workers of the World
  • InfoWars
  • Inlandboatmen's Union
  • Interfaith Community Sanctuary
  • InterIm Community Development Association
  • International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees
  • International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • International League of People’s Struggle
  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union
  • International Socialist Organization
  • Kadima Reconstructionist Community
  • Kinder Morgan
  • King County Metro Transit
  • Klu Klux Klan
  • Lake Tapps Resistance League
  • Lake Washington High School
  • Lambert House
  • Lathing Acoustical Drywall Systems Local 1144
  • McDonalds
  • Mercy for Animals
  • MetroPCS
  • Monsanto
  • Na'ah Illahee Fund
  • NARAL Pro-Choice America
  • National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • National Health Program Western Washington
  • National Institute of Health
  • National Lawyers Guild
  • National Library of Medicine
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • National Organization for Women
  • National Park Service
  • National Science Foundation
  • Neighborhood Action Coalition
  • North Seattle Friends Church
  • Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
  • Northwest LGBT Senior Care Providers Network
  • Northwest Two-Spirit Society
  • Not This Time
  • Office and Professional Employees International Union
  • Olympia Indivisible
  • One America
  • Oregon National Guard
  • Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity
  • Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
  • Parents Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
  • Party for Socialism and Liberation
  • Pasado's Safe Haven
  • Patriot Prayer
  • PAWS
  • People's Congress of Resistance
  • Physicians for a National Health Program Western Washington
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Plant for the Planet
  • Plant for the Planet Academy
  • Port of Seattle
  • Port-Wide Pride
  • Premera Blue Cross
  • Pride@Work AFL-CIO
  • Progressive Millennials for Action
  • Project Drawdown
  • Public Health Seattle and King County
  • Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action
  • Puget Sound Communities 4 Impeachment
  • Puget Sound Socialists
  • Pull Together
  • Raging Grannies
  • Rainbow City Band
  • REACH Evergreen Treatment Services
  • Reclaim Democracy!
  • Reconciling United Methodist Churches
  • Recreational Equipment, Inc.
  • Red Line Tacoma
  • Refuse Fascism
  • Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps
  • Samba OlyWa
  • Schools Under 2C
  • Scouts for Equality
  • Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
  • Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
  • Seattle Children's Hospital
  • Seattle Democratic Socialists of America
  • Seattle Derby Brats
  • Seattle Education Association
  • Seattle Gay Families
  • Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission
  • Seattle Peace Chorus
  • Seattle Police Department
  • Seattle Public Library
  • Seattle Public Schools
  • Seattle Raging Grannies
  • Seattle Solidarity Network
  • Seattle Sounders
  • Seattle Transit Riders Union
  • Service Employees International Union
  • Sex Workers Outreach Project of Seattle
  • Showing Up for Racial Justice
  • Sisters & Associates of St. Joseph of Peace
  • Snoqualmie Valley Indivisibles
  • Social Equity Educators
  • Socialist Alternative
  • Socialist Students
  • Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace
  • Solutionary Rail
  • Sound Wave
  • Starbucks
  • Starbucks Partners Pride Alliance Network
  • Stevens Pass Climate Team
  • Swinomish Indian Tribal Community
  • T-Mobile
  • Tacoma Migrant Justice
  • Teamsters Local 117
  • Temple B'nai Torah
  • The Cascade Legion
  • The Fighting Instruments of Karma Marching Chamber Band
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The Proud Boys
  • The Satanic Temple
  • The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
  • The World Peace Prayer Society
  • Three Percenters
  • Truman National Security Project
  • Trump Proof Seattle
  • Uber
  • Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Unionbay
  • Unitarian Universalist Association
  • United Farm Workers
  • United Food and Commercial Workers International Union
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance
  • United Way of King County
  • University of Washington
  • Vashon Climate Action Group
  • Veterans Administration Puget Sound HealthCare System
  • Veterans for Peace
  • Walmart
  • Washington Education Association
  • Washington Federation of State Employees
  • Washington Federation of State Employees AFSCME Council 28
  • Washington State Nurses Association
  • Washington Women for Climate Action Now
  • We R Native
  • Wells Fargo & Company
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Whole Washington
  • Wolf PAC
  • Workers World Party
  • World Wildlife Fund
  • YouthCare

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