Hokubei Hochi Foundation

The non-profit Hokubei Hochi (North American Post) Foundation is a co-sponsor of the Nikkei Newspapers Digital Archive (NNDA). Established in 2011, the Foundation’s mission is to preserve and promote news, history, and culture of the Japanese American community and for the broader community. Elaine Ikoma Ko is the Executive Director., or call 206.519.5461.

North American Post

The North American Post is the oldest bilingual English and Japanese community newspaper in the Pacific Northwest. Published from Seattle’s Chinatown/International District, the newspaper is the only weekly publication that serves the Nikkei (Japanese American) community. Over the years, the newspaper has sponsored many community events and projects. Tomio Moriguchi is the publisher/owner of this newspaper and Soy Source, a Japanese language newspaper co-housed with the Post., or call 206.519.5461.

University of Washington Libraries

The University of Washington Libraries advances intellectual discovery by connecting people with knowledge. The Libraries' Newspaper & Microform department has long considered the collection and preservation of Pacific Northwest ethnic and minority newspapers a top priority and welcomed the opportunity to partner with the Hokubei Hochi Foundation in the creation of the Nikkei Newspapers Digital Archive. The Libraries will continue to provide server space and technical services, as well as an ongoing production team in order to continue adding content and value to this website.

Project Team

Project Staff

Kian Flynn Maiya Gessling Anne Graham
Kian Flynn Maiya Gessling Anne Graham
Website Designer
University of Washington
Project Coordinator
Hokubei Hochi Foundation
Digital Initiatives Program
University of Washington
Rena Kawasaki Elaine Ikoma Koa Glenda Pearson
Rena Kawasaki Elaine Ikoma Ko Glenda Pearson
Graduate Student Project Coordinator
University of Washington
Executive Director
Hokubei Hochi Foundation
University of Washington

Project Advisors

Scott E. (Eddy) Harrison, Japanese Cataloger, East Asia Library, University of Washington
Tomio Moriguchi, Publisher, North American Post and Soy Source
Shihou Sasaki, Staff, North American Post
Shawn Schollmeyer, National Digital Newspaper Program, Washington State Library
Dr. Marie Wong, Institute of Public Service, Asian Studies and Public Affairs, Seattle University

Support Staff

Additional support with scanning and other aspects of this project were provided by the following:
Wolf Clifton, Student Assistant, University of Washington Libraries, Seattle
Dikshya Dhakal, Student Assistant, University of Washington Libraries, Seattle
Binta Diarra, Student Intern, Seattle University
Tracy Foster, Student Assistant, University of Washington Libraries, Seattle
Lin Gao, Graduate Student Intern, University of Washington Libraries
Theo Gerontakas, Digital Initiatives Program, University of Washington
Helen Haile, Student Assistant, University of Washington Libraries, Seattle
KJ Hiramoto, Student Assistant, University of Washington, Bothell
Yohji Kameoka, Translator, Board Member, Hokubei Hochi Foundation
Yuta Kaminishi, Student Assistant Translator, University of Washington Libraries, Seattle
Gina Kessler Lee, Graduate Student Researcher, University of Washington
Anh Pham, Student Assistant, Seattle University
Kelli Jean Stoneburner, Student Assistant, University of Washington Libraries, Seattle
Nana Sendai, Translator
Travis Suzaka, Translator, Graphic Design
Eriko Taguchi, Student Intern, Green River Community College
Kiko Yasuda, Student Intern, Bellevue College

Major Donors

We wish to thank and acknowledge our major donors who made this project possible:
Japanese American Chamber of Commerce and
Tomio Moriguchi, Publisher, North American Post and Soy Source
University of Washington Friends of the Libraries
University of Washington Libraries (In-Kind Support)

Your Continued Support Is Appreciated

We are continuing to complete the scanning of past issues of The North American Post and North American Times newspapers. Your financial support at any level will support this process. All contributions are fully tax-deductible.

Please make checks payable to:
Hokubei Hochi Foundation, ATTN: NNDA
519 Sixth Avenue South, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98104.

You may make an online donation on the Foundation’s website: We thank you for your support.