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"1973 Warning for Matsutake Picking"

Original Issue Date: October 26, 1973
Reissue Date: November 2, 2011

A sign was posted on a utility pole in the Shelton area, so called “ Matsutake Mountain,” prohibiting gatherers from picking mushrooms.

The reason is because Japanese American matsutake pickers have crowded the narrow mountain roads to park, making it difficult for trucks and workers to get by on weekdays. There have also been many people picking huckleberries and blueberries trees and branches, and bringing them home to sell.

Many people of other ethnicities have also recently started to hunt for different mushrooms in the forests and bringing them home to eat. When Japanese mushroom hunters come across look- alikes, many have a habit of smashing and destroying the faulty matsutake, out of disappointment and frustration. Residents of the Shelton region have started a movement in their area, hoping to find support from the government to keep mushroom pickers out.

- Please do not ignore signs that state no trespassing or no entry.

- Please do not damage huckleberry and blueberry branches.

- Please do not use rakes or any other homemade tools that damage the I forest.

- Remember to clean up your bento | and leave the area looking like it was before.

Let’s not let the few misbehaving individuals ruin matsutake picking for all of us. Please continue to respect the land and practice good manners so we can continue to enjoy the fall leisure activity.

[Editor’s Note]
According to some of this year's matsutake pickers, the season has not started yet. The North American Post has extended the annual matsutake contest to the end of this month.

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