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"Uwajimaya Expands Seasia Office in 1973"

Original Issue Date: October 31, 1973
Reissue Date: October 26, 2011

Uwajimaya Expands

Uwajimaya, a local Japanese/Asian grocery, has been growing since their first opening in Tacoma as a fishcake store by Fujimatsu Moriguchi in 1928. Uwajimaya in 1973 decided to relocate its wholesale division, Seasia, to a new office space due to business expansion at 651 South Industrial Way spending $500,000.

After World War II, Uwajimaya was reopened in Seattle on Main Street in 1946. Through a successful participation in the 1962 World Fair, the family began expanding the Japanese grocery led by Fujimatsu’s sons Kenzo, Tomio, Akira and Toshikatsu. Fujimatsu passed away in August, 1962.

Seasia has been dealing with businesses in Washington, Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Idaho and others to have Uwajimaya as one of the biggest food businesses owned in the states by Japanese Americans.

The business no longer belongs to Uwajimaya.

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