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"1954 Northwest Matsutake Contest"

Original Issue Date: October 15, 1954
Reissue Date: October 12, 2011


The fall hunt for matsutake mushrooms is an intense competition among the Japanese in the northwest, creating eager eyes in the search for the largest and most beautiful mushroom. Since there is a great interest in matsutake mushroom hunting, The North American Post has decided to hold the Northwest Matsutake Contest. We hope for great effort and participation.

Contest Period: Oct. 15 to middle November (end date to be determined.)

Judging Criteria: Weight and size determined by judges with first to fifth place prizes:

Panel of Judges:
Tadashi Yamaguchi
Hisashi Kato
Kinzo Asaba
Shigeo Shinozaki
Dick Yoshimura

One Member from The North American Post Staff Honorable Judges:
Consul Yoshikawa
Heiji Okuda
Genji Mihara

First Place (Consul Cup) will be given 50 dollars cash prize, and Second to Fifth Place will be awarded prizes that will be announced later.

The Consul Cup trophy will be awarded to anyone who wins first place for three years.

This contest is held annually and the winning matsutake will be on display at Sagamiya Store. More details will be announced later.

[Editor’s Note]
The matsutake contest was the first ever hosted in the area, according to America Shunuju 80 Nen by Kazuo Ito. Sixty selected entry matsutakes were later presented to the Imperial House of Japan and Government of Tokyo, which was broadcast by NHK in Japan, reported by The North American Post on Nov, 3, 1954.

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