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"Japanese School to be Split into Seven Classes; Open House This Coming Saturday"

Original Issue Date: September 26, 1956
Reissue Date: September 28, 2011

Seven Classes

The 15th board meeting of the Japanese School Support Association was held yesterday, Sept. 25, at the Nikkai Hall (current Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington) from 8 pm.

Attending were Mr. Mihara, Mr. Akutsu, Mr. Otoshi, Mr. Matsushita, Mr. Fukano, Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Maeno, Mr. Watanabe, Mr. Okiyama, Mr. Kawabe, Mr. Yamaguchi, Mr. Matsuoka, Mr. Bitou, Mr. Ueda and Mr. Amano.

Mr. Okiyama, chairman of the board, opened the meeting; he was followed by Mr. Fukano, who reported the minutes of the previous board meeting. According to the report from Mr. Mihara, the school’s endowment stood at $13,875.87. Currently, there are 274 student applicants who have been split into three groups: five classrooms of beginners, one class of 36 intermediates and one “conversation” class of 18 students.

It was also reported that in each room a medium-sized American flag would be raised, and mimeographs and tape recorders had already been purchased.

Mr. Matsushita, head of educational affairs, expressed the school’s wish that parents and guardians visit and inspect the school during the coming open house, where each classroom’s teacher, materials...{cut off}

{cont...} 2. Regarding the highest level classes, if the number of students is too few, each student will be put in a class of their respective level.

3. Although Saturday classes were to be held from 10 - 12 am, this will be changed to 9:30 - 11:30 am to better suit student needs.

4. Beginners and intermediates will begin their classes on Saturday Oct. 6, while the conversation class will start their Wednesday classes slightly earlier on Oct. 3, with classes being held from 7-9 pm.

5. All students and parents/guardians are welcome to the open house, which will be held this coming Saturday, Sept. 29.

6. All tuition will be collected prior ui the start of the instruction.

7. The next board meeting will be held from 8 pm on Tuesday, Oct. 23.

[Editor's Note]
The Seattle Japanese Language School originally served the com m unity as Kokugo Gakko prior to World War 2 as a Japanese institution educating language, culture and manners of Japan. The school was suspended during World War 2, and the facility was used for returnees {cut off}

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