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"Eight Soldiers from Family the Matudairas is Topic in 1964"

Original Issue Date: November 16, 1964
Reissue Date: November 16, 2011


On Nov. 11, the Veteran’s Administration searched for “The most impressive family with a military record” in the United States. The family of Tokuhisa Thomas Matsudaira (3236 15th Ave. S., Seattle) has been chosen as a candidate for the event. An English paper has introduced the family on a large scale with pictures. Matsudaira’s family is known as very large in Nikkei society since they have thirteen children, nine sons and four daughters. It is extraordinary that eight of them are or had been in military service.

[Editor's Note]
A son of Matsudaira, Vincent, will have a screening event of his new documentary “Kash The Legend and Legacy of Shiro Kashino” at NVC Memorial Hall at 2 pm on Dec. 10. More information can be seen on the calendar page. Vincent is an Air Force veteran too.

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