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In the fall of 2011, the North American Post began publishing a new series entitled Days of the North American Post. Each week the NAP staff selected an article from an old issue of the paper, translated the text into English, and published the original article with the translated text in the paper. Most of the articles are selected from issues published between 1940-1980. Days of the North American Post is now a collection of over one hundred translated articles. The Nikkei Newspaper Digital Archive now provides a full-text searchable archive of these translated articles, as well as a listing of the translated articles below. Additional installments of the series will be linked to from this page as they become available.

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Translated Articles in Order of Appearance in the North American Post's "Days of the North American Post" Series

1-20   21-40   41-60   61-80   81-100   101-120   121-140   141-160   161-180   181-200  

No. 1 "Thoughts on the Inaugural Issue"

No. 2 "The Sun Sets on the Queen of the Seas: The Story of the Hikawa-maru"

No. 3 "Japanese School to be Split into Seven Classes; Open House This Coming Saturday"

No. 4 "Japanese Royal Couple Welcomed Here on Tuesday"

No. 5 "1954 Northwest Matsutake Contest"

No. 6 "Kuniyuki Looks to Draw Voters in 1956"

No. 7 "Uwajimaya Expands Seasia Office in 1973"

No. 8 "1973 Warning for Matsutake Picking"

No. 9 "Alien Land Law Finally Abolished in 1966"

No. 10 "Eight Soldiers from Family the Matudairas is Topic in 1964"

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