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Globe Menu
Report to Stockholders, Boeing, 1958

This collection represents menus, placemats, and other graphic materials from many of the Puget Sound area's most famous restaurants and dining facilities in the years between 1889 and 2003. Restaurants in all styles and classes of trade are represented, from lunch counters to first class gourmet fare. Also included in the collection are travel-related menus from ships, railroads, and airplanes. Among the many historical menus in the collection are those from the Space Needle Restaurant, Ivar's Acres of Clams, the Dog House, and cruises aboard the Alaska and Pacific Steam Ship Lines.

About the Database

The information for the Historical Menu Collection was researched and prepared by the UW Libraries Special Collections Division and Cataloging staff in 2003. A selection of menus from 659 items were included in this database. The menus were scanned in grayscale and color using a Microtek Scanmaker 9600L and saved in .jpg format. Some manipulation of the images was done to present the clearest possible digital image. The scanned images were then linked with descriptive data using the Contentdm software suite. The original collection resides in the UW Libraries Special Collections Division as the Historical Menu Collection. PH Coll 617.

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